Corporate Wellness

 Organizational Support

Perceived Organizational Support (POS) is an individual's perception of the extent to which their organization values them and cares about their well-being. It can also include an employee's overall appraisal of how much support, encouragement and empowerment they believe they are receiving from supervisors, the organization, and the systems that support them.

Psychological Capital

Psychological capital (PsyCap) is a positive, core belief that helps individuals succeed. This includes the knowledge that they have what it takes to overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals, as well as believing in themselves and those around them. PsyCap also reflects how resilient an individual can be when facing adversity, challenges and obstacles that are barriers to progress.

Importance of Mental Health


The work environment can impact Mental Health

Mental health is how individuals feel both emotionally and psychologically.

  • Relationships with others outside of the organization

  • Physical activity levels (exercise)

  • Diet choices

  • Sleep patterns

  • Other things like financial strains or relationship problems at home

Better mental health allows individuals to be more productive, which helps their organization excel in a competitive environment.

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How PsyCap and POS Can Help Businesses

Increased Productivity

Boosted productivity levels will increase the bottom line of a company and create more stable employees. Productivity will increase as employees feel that they are an essential part of the organization and their contribution is valued. This is because they are less likely to quit due to feelings of unappreciation, not being part of the team or organization, and other factors that can cause low morale. Investing time in cultivating a culture of empowerment will strengthen your organization and produce a healthier workforce.

Increased Innovation

Creativity is the ability to generate ideas that have value in some context or help solve problems. Research shows that organizations with highly creative employees also tend to be more innovative, which leads them to stay ahead of their competition by coming up with new ways of doing things regularly while consistently expanding existing product lines. This strategy enables companies to improve collaboration among teams allowing them access to information and resources, putting them one step closer to achieving