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Conflict is a natural and inevitable part of human interactions. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely damaging, leading to division and disharmony. However, there is hope! Comprehensive mediation and training services can help families and organizations resolve their conflicts constructively and positively. True Dynamics offers high-quality mediation services that are tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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Certified Mediation Services

The goal of mediation is to help the involved parties understand their underlying needs, overlapping interests, and areas for agreement. With mediation, a trained neutral mediator facilitates communication between the parties and without deciding their issues or imposing an agreement on them enables them to understand each other's needs. It helps bring out underlying interests that may have been overlooked prior, for both sides of this dispute to be satisfied with the outcome. The mediation takes place voluntarily without any binding decision being imposed on either side, by a mediator who helps bring out these facts through understanding problems from all angles before suggesting solutions.

Certified Mediation

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Workplace Training Services

When organizations grow, there are more opportunities for people to have disagreements. This can lead to friction and tension within the workplace, which in turn could result in conflict at work, but can be prevented with training. This is a great way to handle conflict when it arises in the workplace. When individuals have different points of view, friction and tension will inevitably arise between them which can lead to a full-blown conflict with no middle ground possible for either party involved. At True Dynamics, a neutral third party helps individuals involved reach an agreement or compromise beneficial to both parties, and avoid disruptions within your company. This approach allows employees to feel like their voice was heard while maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process.

Workplace Training

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Organizational Development

Organizational development is the process of helping organizations improve their business processes' effectiveness. It's an approach that involves critical examination into internal dynamics, such as structure or technology. It's important for an organization to not only learn from its successes but mistakes made along this journey as well. Organizational development also has policies and systems at its core to make sure all aspects are examined closely for opportunities for improvement, growth, and evolution.

Organizational Development

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Professional Services

Our team provides you with a comprehensive service that develops your media strategy and planning for success across print or digital platforms, ensuring an effective execution on any project. True Dynamics offers unmatched experience in government relations and delivers a strategy that is grounded in truth, authenticity, and passion. Our enterprise performance management consists of a set of processes that help organizations optimize their business performance. Making efficient and effective use of financial, human, and material resources provides a framework for organizing, automating, and analyzing business methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems.

Professional Services

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It’s sad but true that conflict is inevitable. Unfortunately, it can often lead to division and disharmony in families or organizations. True Dynamics mediation services offer a great way of resolving your conflicts constructively while also working towards harmony among all parties involved. Our team works closely with you to find an appropriate solution for any issues on hand so that everyone can feel heard without feeling threatened. We are a consulting firm that specializes in public policy, organizational development, and campaigns. Our services help you achieve your goals with efficiency and accuracy, by capturing the scope of work beforehand so it can be executed quickly without risk or failure. Contact us today to learn more!