Organizational Development

Workplace Conflict Resolution

There are many other areas that conflict professionals can help organizations work through, but this provides a solid foundation to begin with. As the workforce becomes more diverse, employers need solutions for adapting within an ever-changing environment where team members have different perspectives on what success should look like both now and in the future. Conflict resolution is one of those necessary ingredients for making sure teams function better.

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Organizational Development

Organizational development (OD) is the process of helping organizations improve their business processes' effectiveness. Organizational development is a change-oriented approach to improving an organization's effectiveness and involves critical examination of the internal dynamics of essential aspects, such as structure, technology, policies or systems. OD is a significant element in strategic thinking and necessary for organizational learning, growth and evolution.

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Performance Management

Leaders often grapple with tying the strategic plan to what the individual contributor does on a daily basis. Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consists of a set of processes that help organizations optimize their business performance. EPM helps organizations make efficient and effective use of their financial, human and material resources. It provides a framework for organizing, automating and analyzing business methodologies, metrics, and processes.

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The Organizational Development Process



In the planning stage, a company must assess its current state and determine what future states will look like after Organizational Development has been implemented. This involves conducting an analysis to identify areas for improvement across all functions within the organization to meet its overall objectives more effectively.



When it comes to Organizational Development, this involves trying out and testing new strategies and processes that will help drive improvement across all functions within an organization – including technology, policies or procedures and people-related programs. Employees are key stakeholders in the implementation phase.



Once a company has finalized its plans for how organizational development should be implemented (after going through both the plan and implement phases), there needs to be some sort of formal review process during which time management looks at whether or not these changes have been successful.



During the final stage organizational development has become embedded within an organization's culture and processes so much so that it's no longer viewed as something separate from daily operations but rather just another way for work to get done more efficiently. Measuring KPI's are key for understanding success.